Seasonal Menus


A warm evening in the garden


So delightful, even if not so common in Melbourne. Every course is served either chilled or at room temperature. All preparation is done so the host can relax.


Old-fashioned asparagus rolls

Select a wholemeal sandwich loaf. Slices can be flattened a little with a rolling-pin, and spread each slice right to the edges with a savoury butter (favourites would be tarragon or watercress).

Ajo blanco – white gazpacho from Malaga

The garnish of peeled grapes looks best if the soup is served in shallow bowls. A good Spanish sherry vinegar adds zing to this delicate combination of almonds and bread.

Rock lobster and mango on greens,
with warm minted potato salad and handmade mayonnaise

The ripe mango goes so well with the shellfish. Cook the rock lobster yourself in plenty of salted water (even if the fishmonger kills it for you as close to cooking time as possible).
A still-warm rock lobster is marvellous compared with one that was cooked and possibly frozen.

Raspberry and blackcurrant creams

Crème de cassis liqueur adds the tang of blackcurrants to the perfection of early raspberries. Choose pretty glass dishes to show off the colours.