Seasonal Menus


Summer brunch with friends


Summer brunch is a favourite way of entertaining a larger number of people. Set out all the dishes, the glasses, the bread and the cutlery and let your guests help themselves. Or you might ask each friend to bring one of the dishes.


Salt fish and avocado

This unusual but spicy combination is said to be the national dish of Jamaica.

The traditional dish uses the flesh of the ackee fruit (unobtainable in Australia) in the place of the avocado, but the appearance and the texture are very similar.


Always a favourite. Crunchy well-baked puff pastry and a generous topping of caramelised onion and strips of anchovy.

Sicilian-style eggplant rolls with sweet and sour tomato sauce

This dish reminds me of several colourful, savoury yet sweet and sour dishes I have enjoyed on a Sicilian buffet.

Middle Eastern meatballs with coriander leaves

Make them as small as a marble or as large as a table tennis ball. Best of all if they are still faintly warm. The scent of the cumin and coriander is very enticing.

Baked fish with garlic and coriander

This could be the centrepiece of your buffet table and is a perfect choice if the market has a large snapper.

Ritsa’s Greek country salad

Make a lot of this salad as it will be popular. Ritsa looks after me at my local fresh food market and insists that it is more traditional (certainly in her family) to put the slices of fetta on the side rather than on top of the salad.

Fruit platter

After all of these assertive dishes a platter of seasonal fruit will be a very popular finale. Select from peaches, nectarines, berries, plums, melons and anything else that is ripe.