Seasonal Menus

Picnic basket

Spring racing picnic


Hopefully the sun will shine and you will enjoy your picnic food outdoors on a table or the grass. But the dishes selected are suitable for all weather. I promise that nothing will drip! There are options to please vegetarian picnickers.

Essentials include large cloth napkins, two per person, non-bending picnic plates, and a Thermos of boiling water for tea.


On arrival

The pasties must be just one bite size.

Tiny mushroom pasties

Marinated olives – with fennel and preserved lemon


Pass the sandwiches

Perfect chicken sandwiches seem to be irresistible.

Chicken sandwiches (with tarragon and proper mayonnaise)

Cucumber sandwiches

Hummus and roasted pepper sandwiches


Everyone loves a pie or a tart

If possible bake them that morning so the pies are still faintly warm. Chilled pies are not so nice. Transport them wrapped in a clean dry tea towel. Remember a serrated knife.

Egg and bacon pie

Silverbeet and potato torte

Mary’s rabbit pie


Interesting Salads

Pack the blue cheese dressing and the rose-petals separately from the rest of the salads for last-minute assembly.

Blue cheese dressing drizzled on witlof spears or iceberg wedges

Pumpkin, silverbeet and fetta salad with quinoa

Thai rose-petal and cucumber salad


Sweet finish

This month is the best time for local strawberries so serve lots of them. Leave the green calyx on for easy nibbling.


Double chocolate brownies

Pink jelly lamingtons