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Spring pastels menu

Spring pastels


Delicate pinks and greens and lemons breathe springtime.

Arrange some spring flowers nearby to complement this dinner


Gnocchi with asparagus and marjoram cream

Use white or green asparagus for this dish, or a mixture. The asparagus is kept warm for the few minutes it takes the gnocchi to simmer in the asparagus cooking water.



Poached salmon with mojo verde, wrinkly potatoes, green peas and carrot crisps

Depending on your number of guests and whether you have a deep pan, you could poach individual portions of salmon, or else ask your fishmonger for a boned single chunk of salmon that will look very elegant served on a platter.

Poach the fish in court-bouillon or even water. The coriander sauce (mojo verde) has plenty of flavour.



Beetroot and avocado salad with baby spinach

This salad is quite substantial and could be served alongside the salmon, or if you prefer, serve it as a plated starter before the gnocchi course



Lemon roulade with lemon curd

Such a luscious dessert. The sharpness of the lemon curd contrasts beautifully with the soft texture of the sponge. In the recipe I have suggested that lemon curd and cream are alternative fillings. Actually I use both!