Seasonal Menus


A festive seafood barbecue


This menu says ‘festive’ to me, but of course it could be any summer day. Essentials are a good barbecue, a reliable fishmonger, a sunny day and a table in the shade.
The head cook will need to brush the barbecue between dishes.


Grilled summer vegetables with labna ‘cheese’

A good starter as guests can help themselves from a large platter of grilled peppers, eggplant, tomatoes and so on, while the cook assembles the next dish.

Charcoal-grilled ginger prawns

These are sticky as well as delicious. A good idea is to thread the prawns on skewers and to have plenty of paper napkins or, even better, damp cotton towels for finger wiping.

Barbecue calamari with soy and spring onion

Keep it simple and offer halved limes with this, or make a simple dipping sauce, with sliced chilli if you would like to make the dish spicier.

Sugar-coated grilled fish

Try this with an even-thickness fish fillet such as John Dory or rockling. The same dipping sauce will work here. The chilli contrasts with the sweetness of the fish. And once again lime halves will be welcome.

Carrot salad with Thai seasoning

This is really grated carrot pretending to be green papaya. It could be made with grated green papaya. Works well either way.

Summer pudding

After such strong flavours I think a fruity dessert will be very welcome. The pudding should be a a deep crimson. Serve with thick cream.