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Fathe's Day Menu

Father’s Day menu


This Father’s Day menu is deliberately a bit retro. Many Dads I know love classic combinations. Here they are, with enough special extra bits to please the whole family.


Spanish-style roasted almonds

A deliciously addictive way of serving almonds which will of necessity be last season’s. This year’s crop is just forming on the trees now.


Stephanie’s twice-baked goat’s cheese soufflés

These marvellous soufflés have made many friends over the years. The first cooking could be completed hours before dinner, even the day before.

Parmesan wafers

The fragile Parmesan wafers need to be made using freshly grated cheese. Pre-grated cheese is too dry to melt and hold the structure together.


Roasted fillet of Beef for a party with Fast red wine sauce

If you eat meat you will love a roasted fillet. The sauce can be made a day ahead using trimmings from the fillet or a couple of thin slices from the skinny tail end.

Potatoes baked in their jackets

Halve large potatoes lengthwise and bake on the oven rack for one and one-quarter hours until puffed and crunchy.

Gratin of silver beet

The gratin can be finished ahead of time and reheated alongside the potatoes, about 20 minutes before serving time.


Chocolate self-saucing pudding

An oldtimer but always enjoyed. I like runny cream with this. The pudding can be assembled and will just need boiling water and about twenty minutes in the oven.