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Autumn menu - Easter picnic

An Easter picnic


The recipes selected for this Easter picnic menu reflect the diversity of our population. There are English, Greek, French, Italian, Middle Eastern and Austrian dishes, all happily mingling. Do take plenty of napkins for finger-wiping.


Pea and ham soup

Carry this in a thermos, with a separate container of crisp croutons.

Silverbeet and potato torte

A delicious pie, made from an olive oil pastry.

Squid pies

The same olive oil pastry this time with a spicy filling of chopped squid. This pie is sold as tielle setoise in the French southern town of Sete.

Barbecued chicken wings

Oven-baked just before you leave, these sticky wings will still be warm when they are enjoyed.

Middle Eastern carrot salad and Cos lettuce hearts

Scattered with roasted pepitas and dressed with lemon juice and olive oil.

Greek Easter eggs

Fun to dye and good to eat with the salad leaves. In pairs one taps the eggs together and the person left with an intact egg is said to have good luck for the coming year. Don’t worry if some of the red colouring transfers to fingers or even the egg within. The dye is totally edible.

Rhubarb and Cinnamon cake and/or Mieze’s plum cake

Both cakes are great favourites. Carry each in its own cake tin to protect them from ants or sand, and offer good cream.