Seasonal Menus

Winter already


Every year the year seems to rush past faster than the one before. And I have been travelling so much that I feel I missed much of the autumn colour. Never mind, I have now adjusted to darker afternoons and cosy evenings.


Leafy salad with crisp persimmons

The persimmons to use for this salad are the crunchy ones. They look lovely when contrasted with red and green salad leaves and the rest of the salad is up to you. Don’t add too many rich ingredients as the main course to follow is.

Whole cabbage stuffed with pork and chestnuts

Search out the pre-peeled and cooked Australian chestnuts available at good food shops. This is a very substantial main course and great fun to serve the entire cabbage to the centre of the table and cut it like a cake

Lemon delicious pudding

This all-time favourite is light and tangy after the cabbage. It can be gently baking in the oven whilst you serve the main course.