Seasonal Menus


Classically French


Sometimes it is satisfying to return to the tried and true and to demonstrate mastery of classic techniques.


Blini with smoked salmon and finger lime pearls

Two blini per person, fried in clarified butter, topped with a generous portion of smoked salmon, and if you can find them, finish by scooping the tiny pearls from an Australian native finger lime. (If you cannot find them, salmon roe caviar is a good substitute)

Asparagus soup with chervil

This is a delicate soup, with just a spoonful of cream added at the end. The subtle aniseed flavour of fresh chervil goes very well with it. You may prefer to make it with light chicken broth rather than water.

Chicken in the pot with tarragon cream and seasonal vegetables
Petits pois – French-style peas

Choose a best-quality bird for this dish. The classic veloute sauce should be ivory in colour and velvety as its name implies.
You will need to pod the peas to make the best petits pois.

Passionfruit bavarois with almond and honey slice

Every cook should feel comfortable making a bavarois. The trick is to use the minimum gelatine so that the finished dessert just wobbles a little as it slips from its pot. The almond and honey slice adds contrasting crunch.