Seasonal Menus

Autumn menu - fat is flavour

Fat is flavour


Fat is flavour! Don’t be frightened of a bit of fat – it does add flavour and lusciousness to a dish, and the rest of the meal can provide a contrast. I like to buy my belly pork from a Vietnamese or Chinese butcher who are used to a very discerning clientele.


Fig and rocket salad

A delicate beginning to dinner. Choose the ripest possible figs, a fresh goat’s cheese and the very best extra virgin olive oil. Do nip off the long stalks of the rocket leaves.


Glazed barbecued belly pork

The initial cooking of the piece of pork is long and slow and can be done a day in advance of your dinner. Then it is just a few minutes on a hot barbecue with a bit of basting.

Root vegetables and chestnuts

Braised chunks of sweet potato, carrot, parsnip and turnip are cooked in stock until tender then chestnuts are added for the last ten to fifteen minutes.

Steamed baby bok choy

Pile these brilliantly green treasures on a platter for maximum drama. Buy the smallest and freshest bok choy you can. Best to visit an Asian market.

Spanish creams (with passionfruit) and Passionfruit Shortbread

Otherwise known as Spanish creams, these creamy sweets are meant to separate into two layers. The tang of passionfruit makes them even more delicious