Seasonal Menus

Farewell to summer


Autumn creeps up on us, first a crisping of the leaves and warm gentle afternoons, and for home gardeners, the best harvest of tomatoes, sweet peppers and eggplant.

Here is a colourful lunch to enjoy inside or out. All dishes in this autumn menu are best served warm or at room temperature.


Imam bayildi

A Turkish classic. Sauteed eggplant flesh is mixed with tomato, garlic and cinnamon and piled back into the shells and baked with lemon.

Tomato and Mustard tart

Perfect for fat beefsteak tomatoes. Thickly sliced and layered onto mustard coated buttery puff pastry and served with torn basil.

Baked stuffed peppers with meatballs

Minced lamb (or beef) spiced with cumin, allspice and coriander leaves, spooned into pepper halves, then drizzled with oil and slowly baked.

Pumpkin, silverbeet and fetta salad with quinoa and nutmeg

Gorgeous colours and with plenty of texture this salad was first cooked for me at a primary school in Queensland.

Stuffed peaches

Peach halves baked until tender with butter, brown sugar and orange juice.