Seasonal Menus

Autumn leaves

Autumn colours


Is it too fanciful to think that an Autumn menu can echo the colours of the season?
Here are the golds, the reds, the bronzes of the leaves in late autumn.


Garlic and saffron soup

Very delicate and palate-stimulating. Perhaps serve with a slice of grilled garlic-rubbed sourdough.

Sweet and sour lamb with raisins and pinenuts

Chunks of lamb shoulder can be cooked ahead of serving time and can then be gently reheated adding the raisins and pinenuts.

Pumpkin gnocchi

Choose a butternut or other variety you know remains firm after cooking. The potato and pumpkin must be cooked separately and then be combined through the potato ricer. Add a ladleful of the lamb sauce to the cooked gnocchi.

Buttered grated beetroot

Here is the red in our autumnal feast

Quinces baked in honey with farm cream

Once ignored, quinces are now sought after and one of the glories of autumn. Providing you can outwit the possums they hang on the tree for weeks, and their perfume is enchanting when piled into a fruit bowl.