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Princes Street Elderflower Syrup

Elderflower Syrup in jars

4 x 500 ml jars

Main ingredients
Elderflowers, sugar, lemon

Sourced from
Princes Street Primary School

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Princes Street Primary School is located in delightful Sandy Bay, Tasmania. I had the pleasure of visiting the school several years ago, I remember admiring their bountiful vegetable garden (and a startling Stephanie scarecrow).  This year, in spite of Covid-19, the school’s garden has flourished, thanks to dedicated volunteers from the school community.  The students returned from remote learning to a garden bursting with produce. 

They also harvested Elderflowers from a neighbour’s overhanging tree, creating traditional Elderflower Syrup, which they bottle and sell to raise funds for the kitchen garden. They were happy to share the recipe. The syrup is traditionally mixed with soda water or even sparkling wine! 

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Chocolate Self-saucing Pudding




1 hour


Sifting dry ingredients p. 42
Making a well in dry ingredients p. 32


You could make this pudding in individual ovenproof pudding moulds that each hold about 150 ml. Individual puddings will probably be cooked in 15–20 minutes.
Instead of chocolate chunks, you could substitute the same weight of chopped walnuts.

Sourced from
The Cook’s Apprentice book

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Once more this is a dish that beginner cooks love to make – and cooks of every level love to eat. It is a thrill every time to see the sauce magically appear beneath the pudding!

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