Here I share my favourite cooking tips in a series of handy video tutorials for cooks of all abilities. Some of these cooking videos were originally developed for the Cook’s Companion App, to visually demonstrate some of the most common or most asked-about techniques that any cook would be wise to master.

How to cut an onion

Cutting an onion is probably the most basic of all kitchen tasks and every cook needs to know how to do it efficiently and safely.


How to make pasta

Making pasta is a lot of fun. This video shows you how to roll pasta, how to cut it into fettucine, and how to make filled pasta shapes.


How to joint a chicken and flatten the breast

This video shows you how to joint a chicken, and also how to flatten a chicken breast ready for a fast saute or grill.


How to bone and stuff a chicken

Boning a chicken sounds difficult. With a sharp knife and patience it can be done. Learn the technique, and how to create a ‘ballotine’, ready for poaching.


How to scale, clean and fillet a fish

Most of us will rely on our fishmonger to scale, clean and fillet fish for us. However from time to time it may fall to the cook to do it himself or herself.


How to prepare calamari

Fried calamari and squid is such a popular dish in cafes. This video shows you how to prepare your own.


How to prepare an artichoke

This video demonstrates how to transform an artichoke, a prickly unprepossessing vegetable into a delicate, tender delicacy.


How to roll pastry and blind-bake a tart shell

Rolling pastry and lining a tart tin are very useful basic skills. One often reads an instruction to ‘blind-bake’ a pastry-lined tart shell and here we demonstrate exactly how to do it using the very buttery shortcrust (recipe in Cook’s Companion book or App) that I recommmend for both savoury and sweet tarts.


How to make bread

This video demonstrates important aspects of making bread such as kneading, proving and shaping. Once you have mastered these techniques you will be able to experiment with different flours, seeds and shapes.


How to peel & segment citrus fruit

This video shows you how to prepare citrus fruit without getting sticking fingers. I love all citrus but peeled and sliced or segmented fruit is the most appealing of all.


How to trim a beef fillet

A whole fillet of beef is a luxury ingredient. In this video, Stephanie Alexander shows you how to tie the chunky end for a classic ‘chateaubriand’ roast, how to cut even steaks, and how to use the thin tail end of the fillet.