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The Cook’s Companion App – Updated!

Great news! The Cook’s Companion App has had its first update for iOS.

I have been lucky enough tor recieve lots of wonderful feedback – some very positive, some with useful suggestions for improvements. I have always relished interaction and feedback from readers and the ability to test, adjust and perfect. Entering the digital age allows this process to be much more immediate and responsive. No waiting for print publishing cycles!

The latest update includes:

  • Additional content, including 11 new recipes and a revised Basics & Equipment section.
  • Darker text for improved readability, something a few users commented on and that we are pleased to be able to correct.
  • Push notifications featuring seasonal menus and suggestions from me, direct to your phone or device.
  • A new walkthrough to guide you through the App’s features and help you discover its hidden gems.

I’m also delighted to say that my ‘jinxed’ recipe, Green Tomato Relish, has been fixed! In the very first printing of The Cook’s Companion in 1996, the sugar in this recipe was inadvertently omitted. The we discovered that in the Cook’s Companion App, the vinegar was missing! It is now corrected, so make sure you download the update and make some relish.

Please also remember to accept ‘Push Notifications’ when prompted. This will allow me to send you seasonal suggestions and advice to help you find wonderful recipes, learn new techniques and craft delicious menus.

Click here to download the Cook’s Companion App on the App Store.

You can also contribute to the next update by joining the Cook’s Companion App feedback team.