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Newsletter 18 – New places, new projects

Stephanie Alexander newsletter

The challenge of change

My aspect is ever-changing and always beautiful. I do love the endlessly shifting cloudscape. In the early morning the sun peeps over the treetops and some mornings the leaves glitter with raindrops. If I open my windows wide I can hear the bells from the Monastery at Evensong. At dusk I look across the river and through the darkening boughs see the lit-up windows of my faraway neighbours. Somehow knowing there are others out there makes me feel especially snug in my new home. I don’t lower the blinds until the outside is quite dark and then I retreat into my space for a cosy winter’s evening.

Once the paintings were hung the spaces felt like home. My new table was delivered along with eight elegant and supremely-comfortable dining chairs. So no more indoor picnics …

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