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Newsletter 12 – Celebrating the New Year

Boxing Day 2013

My Last Boxing Day Party was marvellous
I wondered if I needed to prove to myself that I could still function in the kitchen at a near-professional level? And on my own?

It was a pretty good effort I must say. It started with the 5-page list. And really got under way on Christmas Eve. This was the scene.

On the stove is a large pan of breadcrumbs that are being toasted to scatter over fried eggplant; a pan of chick peas being cooked for a salad with caramelized onion and preserved lemon; and in another pan a stuffing of pine nuts, currants and burghul that will sandwich salt-crust baked fillets of ocean trout; oh and in the covered bowl at my elbow is the brioche rising to go with the luxury gift of foie gras for Christmas lunch. And in the refrigerator lie 3 fully boned chickens ready for stuffing and rolling to be poached in the chicken stock I made with their bones. And the stuffing was made a day earlier with pork mince, chicken livers and brandy.

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