The Cook’s Companion App

Updates available

The bug that impacted iPad users has now been resolved and an update (Version 2.1.5) is now available for download in the App store. 

The Cook’s Companion App features an incredible 2,000 recipes arranged in to convenient bundles that can be purchased separately or together.

Search for a recipe by name, style, ingredient, or simply browse. There are 10 how-to videos, over 400 inspiring photos and you can add a note to any recipe, email the ingredients for easy shopping, or ‘favourite’ a recipe to save for later.

  • Over 2,000 recipes
  • 126 ingredients
  • Beautiful food-on-plate photographs
  • Easy to navigate and search
  • Write your own comments or favourite a recipe for later viewing
  • Advice on varieties and season, selection and storage, and preparation and cooking
  • Quick ‘Exprecipes’ as well as gluten-free and entirely vegetarian meals
  • Available for iPhone and iPad

Download a preview version to try the App for free. Buy bundles as you go, or purchase the entire App for a discounted price.

Give the Cook's Companion App

More instructions for gifting the App on Apple devices can be found here

I’ve downloaded the Free App (with an orange icon). How do I purchase all bundles at once?
If you have downloaded the free app, already, you simply need to select one of the bundles and hit the orange ‘Unlock Content’ button. The first time you elect to make a purchase, you will be offered the option of purchasing all bundles for the special price of AUD$19.99.

I know I want to buy the complete App on my iPhone/iPad – is there a way to purchase it up-front?
Yes, if you want to purchase the complete App, you can search for the Complete Cook’s Companion in the AppStore (it is a green icon, not orange like the free App). This can be purchased for AUD$19.99.

I want to use the App on my iPhone and iPad but seem to be being asked to pay again. What do I do?
You need to be logged in on each device with the same Apple ID. From your second device, you need to access the sidekick menu (from the homescreen, click the three lines in the top left corner) and scroll to the bottom, push ‘restore purchases’ and then enter your iTunes account details, it will bring back all the purchase information for that account.

How do I give the App as a gift?
Step-by-instructions for how to gift the App for iOS can be found here

Why aren’t there photos for every dish?
The App includes over 2000 recipes, and over 400 ‘food-on-plate’ photographs, which should be visible as your browse the bundles and open the recipe. Sometimes there may be a short delay before the photo appears – this is because it downloads from an external server as you use the recipe. (If all of the photographs were imbedded in the App it would be much too large for download.) We intend to add more photographs over time, and these will continue to download onto your device as they are added to the external server.

I can’t hear any sound.
There should be sound on the intro video from Stephanie, and the other videos listed in the video gallery (access from the sidekick menu, click the three lines in the top left corner to find it). Note that there is no sound accompanied with the ‘background video’ of parsley picking, sprinkling etc behind the bundle menu. Try checking that the volume on your device is not turned down, and also that the mute button has not been switched on.

I accidentally tapped ‘Don’t Allow’ when offered Push Notifications. How do I now change the settings so that I receive the Notifications?
Open Settings
Select Notification Center
Click Edit (top right-hand corner)
Scroll down to DO NOT INCLUDE to find Cook’s App
Click on the three horizontal lines on the right-hand side beside Cook’s App and drag the App up into the list above (headed INCLUDE)

Why isn’t there an Android App? Where has the Android version gone?

When the Cook’s Companion App was first released in 2013, there was a version for Android. For several years we kept the Android App up-to-date, however eventually  Google implemented a major operating system change that was no longer compatible with our App. This made the App difficult to use for Android users, and unfortunately, there was no quick fix. Making the App compatible with the new OS would have involved a major rebuild – a huge undertaking for a unique and content-rich App such as this one. So, rather than offering you a ‘buggy’ product, we’ve decided to retire the Android App from sale. We are exploring other ideas for Android and will update you if these come to fruition.

I used to have the Android version of the App on my phone, but I recently replaced/lost/upgraded my device and now it’s gone – what do I do?
If you backed up your phone prior to changing your device, you should be able to restore your copy of the Cook’s Companion App from your backup. However please be aware it will not work optimally with the latest Android operating system as the App has been retired and is no longer being updated.

I downloaded the Android version of the App prior to January 29, 2015. Now I can’t make any in-App purchases. Why?
Google Play updated their in-App billing processes in January 2015. If you downloaded the App prior to this, you will still have access to any content you have already purchased, however you won’t be able to make any further purchases.

If you have any other questions please email

“My favourite cookbook now has an App!” – Nigella Lawson

“A kitchen classic for almost two decades, this app lets you carry that wealth of knowledge in your pocket. The 2000-odd recipes have been split into chapters – all searchable, with photos and videos.” –

“Now you can have Stephanie Alexander’s foodie know-how at your fingertips with The Cook’s Companion App” – Delicious Magazine

“The Cook’s Companion App is … elegant & erudite.” – Tim White, wine writer

“loving the iPad version of Cooks Companion and just found the fab ability to create notes on each fave recipe.” – Simon Marnie, ABC Radio


Feedback from happy users:

“This is an excellent app! I’ve been using the printed Cook’s Companion for many years as my main cooking guide, but having it on the iPad in the kitchen or while shopping is so much better.”

“Beautiful App Stephanie! I’m a big fan, nice to have you on a more portable format!”

“My new no.1 favourite App. I’ve always wanted to be able to carry The Cook’s Companion around with me.”

“My husband and I are both blind and love to cook. Not all apps are created equal, but yours has been designed with accessibility in mind for people like myself. I am recommending your app to other blind cooks I know as it’s one of the most accessible, user-friendly and content-rich cooking apps I’ve come across to date, not to mention from my favourite cookbook.”

“WOW and WOW. What a wonderful application. Sat down at 7:30pm and just realised it is 1:30am. Have read, tagged and re read some of the wonderful laid out recipes … I am dedicated to my extensive cook book collection but find this so refreshing and very handy … What a mammoth task this must have been in compiling … Well done and thank you.”

“This App is fantastic! I find this App approach to information and of course, cooking so accessible, it’s perfect.”

“Thanks to this App, I now have all of my favourite recipes are in one spot on my iPad. What a fabulous foodie find.”

“My husband and I are about to embark on a trip around Australia … Weight in a caravan is an issue thus I purchased your App yesterday and I’m looking forward to referring to it on our adventure.”

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