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Six fish recipes for Good Friday

Stephanie Alexander Fish Recipes

If your family prefers to eat fish on Good Friday, here are six recipe  ideas for delicious seafood meals. The best advice of all is to locate an excellent fish retailer who can recommend the freshest fish on the day and prepare it for you. Always be prepared to try something new. Happy Easter!

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What to do with too many tomatoes

What to do with too many tomatoes

The best use of too many tomatoes is to make some sort of sauce or passata for use in winter.  Simplest is to skin them, squeeze out most of seeds and roughly chop. Cook in a stockpot with some salt and when they have become a lovely mush, allow to cool, transfer to sealable freezer containers and freeze. I tip these frozen tomato iceblocks directly into casserole pots or soup pots, or else simmer and reduce in a frying pan with various additions such as a bit of red wine or sherry vinegar or capers, to make speedy pasta sauces. It is more fiddly to store the tomatoes in sealed jars as the sterilizing and sealing of the jars must be done properly.

Once you have made lots of sauce, here are a few other ideas for your abundant tomato crop!

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What to do with too much zucchini

Zucchini Chips social link
Recently, I asked my social media community what crops were overflowing in their garden. And it seems that many of your gardens are abundant with zucchini! Tending a kitchen garden has wonderful benefits,  however sometimes a certain vegetable or fruit comes into season and suddenly we have too much of a good thing! Once you have exhausted your repertoire of dishes for that particular ingredient, and neighbours and friends are well stocked with gifted produce, what then?  I’ve put together some ideas and suggestions for your zucchini stockpile.

I will be working on some more guides like these in the future. If you have any questions or  suggestions, please email me at


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Tech travels with my iPad

Suitcase with iPad

I find packing much easier and lighter these days thanks to my iPad. For those of you heading off for Easter holidays, I thought you might like to know what Apps and e-books I’ve been using, reading and watching on my recent travels.


Of course, I take the Cook’s Companion App with me everywhere, and even though I thought I knew the entire contents backwards, by using the Search function I find I am locating recipes that I had not come across for a long time so my frequently-cooked repertoire has expanded!


I have just finished the monster read of Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch which I really enjoyed, although I was a bit aghast at the excesses of the two young characters. I am planning a Sri Lankan holiday later in the year and have been reading quite a bit with a Sri Lankan theme. I enjoyed Michele de Kretser’s The Hamilton Case, and the delightful Running in the Family by Michael Ondaatje.


I’m looking forward to downloading Rick Stein’s Far Eastern Odyssey in anticipation of my holiday later this year.

I’m an avid user of the the ABC iView App to catch up on missed episodes of favourite shows such as Rake and The Checkout.


The FacebookInstagram and Twitter Apps on my iPad and phone are in regular use. Social media has its advantages and challenges, but I enjoy sharing an experience vicariously with friends, family and followers. Please join me on my food adventures!