Kitchen Garden Companion

Growing much of my own food has given me pleasure and satisfaction. I have miniature melons and lettuce in the front garden, carrots and broad beans pushing through in raised beds in the back garden and the very last of the tomatoes hanging heavy against their stakes.

I realised that this passion of mine for growing and harvesting, and then cooking and sharing was of interest to many, many families. And that many families had limited space so it had to help them too. The result is a large book, with recipes, mostly based on plant foods, and with summarised planting and cultivation notes supplied by the Senior Project Officer of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation, Jacqui Lanarus.

Special Note: There is an edition of this title designed for the Northern hemisphere, published by UK publisher Quadrille, where the growing and harvesting information has been rewritten to relate to climatic conditions in the UK.

Available from Booktopia and Angus & Robertson.

Signed copies available from the Kitchen Garden Foundation.