Monthly Archives: September 2022

Newsletter 81 – Back to school finally

We were to meet the Hon Kristy McBain, Minister for regional Development and the local member for Eden-Monaro. Also a mother of 3 small children. Kristy loved what she saw and how could you not. Small school. Simple setup. 12 students made such a great meal for us. Lemon myrtle tea, leek, silverbeet and feta muffins with green leaf and cherry tomato salad, rhubarb, yoghurt and honey cups. Bursting with pride. And such a lovely bush garden advised by staff from Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens in selection and placement of suitable plants with excellent identification signs. I nibbled on a saltbush leaf and was told by teacher Jessie that her plan for students to make lillypilly jam to eat with their own scones was foiled when the students crunched on many of the bright pink fruits straight from the tree.

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