Monthly Archives: November 2016

Newsletter 39 – Soggy spring

River views

What spring rains we have had. Walking along the river path has meant avoiding spreading puddles and low-hanging branches that shower more water on my head and down my neck. It has also provided ideal conditions for breeding mosquitoes and other invisible biting creatures that are causing me and others intense discomfort. Is there anything more irresistible than an itch that needs to be scratched! And I have allergic reactions to almost all anti-itch medications.
And just when I thought I would go mad the sun came out. In the garden butterflies and dragonflies hovered over the sage bushes, magnificently in bloom within hours of the change.The new foliage on the crepe myrtles is a golden-green, the new growth on a gum in the middle distance is all bronze-red, and the listing acacias are covered in acid yellow fluffy balls. From another vantage point the far off river gum is a luminous silver. After days of rain and dullness, a sun-shine on everything. So lovely. Christmas lilies are peeping through. Maybe this year they will flower as I believe I have finally thwarted the rabbits with my dug-in rabbit proof fencing.