Monthly Archives: September 2015

Newsletter 29 – The happiest news

spring garden

I apologise for the long gap between newsletters. I have been involved in the happiest and most anxious of experiences, the anticipation and final arrival of my first grand-daughter. Juliet Mary arrived last week and she is of course the most beautiful baby in the world. Juliet and her mother moved in with me and we are all getting on pretty well. I am chief cook and bottle washer, and emotional support. My daughter is coping with the disturbed nights and the washing and we both get the pleasure of holding this very small bundle. I am enjoying having an extra person to cook for, not to mention quite a few visitors coming to admire the baby.

As well as a new person in my life, there is new life in my garden. Creamy fragrant freesias are blooming, and the herbaceous perennials are growing strongly – agastache and blue salvia are both on the point of flowering. There is new growth on both the tangelo and the cumquat and in my tiny vegetable plot.