Monthly Archives: February 2015

Newsletter 23 – Digital news, garden notes and looking ahead


The Cook’s Companion App featured prominently in a Christmas interview I did with the delightful Fran Kelly on Radio National. I gave the recipe for a trifle and we both reminisced about trifles we had enjoyed. I was thrilled by the response as the sales of the App soared. You can watch the video of our interview here:

I then received this great fan letter and I just had to pass it on:

I am absolutely delighted with the App. So easy to move around it. I love the cross-referencing, the videos (just looked at segmenting citrus fruit), and the clear recipes. The notes after each about slight variations are great, as well as what I call the ‘margin notes’, but really the introductory ‘all abouts’, e.g. beef, that I read before making Boeuf Bourguignon yesterday.

Thank you, Stephanie, and the techies who made the app.

For those of you who are App users, it would mean a great deal to me if you could leave a review in the App Store – just open the App Store, search for the Cook’s Companion, select the colour App you have (green or orange) and tap ‘Review’.