Monthly Archives: December 2014

Newsletter 22 – Alice Waters, Kangaroo Island, and the year’s end

garlic stallI have been doing a bit of interstate book promotion for the revised and updated Cook’s Companion. As I was whizzed through the legal end of town I marvelled at the wigs and gowns that do seem so bizarre in this day and age, and then within minutes I was alongside the bay enjoying the sight of dozens of yachts sailing into a stiff breeze with billowing spinnakers – must have been the first sail of the season. And then I was amongst a friendly crowd at Readings bookstore, enjoying the atmosphere of a good bookshop and noting the bowls of pretty poppies and the invitingly soft couches. Why cannot I spend more hours just sitting and browsing?

Onwards to a swish Sydney hotel room looking over the Opera House before a spot on morning TV to assemble a chicken and coleslaw salad with peanuts, before heading to the Growers’ market at Pyrmont to grill freshly-harvested vegetables and serving them with Labna ‘cheese’ sprinkled with chopped herbs.