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Newsletter 62 – Out and about

All Australian foodlovers were saddened to hear of the death of Margaret Fulton, universally revered as a national treasure. Margaret broadened the horizons for at least one generation, probably more than that, with her understanding that there was more to a good dinner than chops and peas – mind you she also knew about chops and peas. We met several times over the years and she was generous in her acknowledgement of my own writing. Margaret had a lovely sense of humour and was never impressed by culinary gymnastics versus sound technique and full flavour. I am sure that her daughter and granddaughters have been comforted by the outpouring of affectionate memories for this diminutive but hugely important friend to many in the kitchen.



Newsletter 60 – Crisp mornings herald soups and gratins

MajuraPSMy travels this month took me to Canberra where I was able to visit one of our very first schools, Majura Primary School. What a pleasure. When I visited in 2008 soon after the school became the Demonstration school for the ACT, the garden was very newly planted. This time the beds were overflowing with produce, including a sensational 7-year-old fig tree.  To read more, subscribe to the Cook’s Companion Club. You’ll be sent an immediate email with links to my current and past newsletters.

Melbourne Food and Wine Festival River Graze

MFWFAs part of the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival, the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation is participating in the Festival River Graze at the Southbank promenade on the weekend of the 23rd and 24th March. We want all strolling foodlovers that weekend to stop and chat with some of our staff, to watch our young volunteers make tomato passata workshops, and to help us raise money to further support our many kitchen garden schools and early learning centres.

My friend Maggie Beer has agreed to come by and both Maggie and I will be on hand for a few hours on each day to enthuse the children and spread the word to the general public of the importance of doing what we can to promote the spread of pleasurable food education in schools and early learning centres to as many Australian children as possible.

Newsletter 59 – Exciting announcements and cooking highlights

North Melbourne announcement-2On Tuesday March 5 at North Melbourne Primary School the Deputy Leader of the Labor Party and Shadow Education Minister, Tanya Plibersek, and the Shadow Health Minister Catherine King announced that, if elected, the ALP would commit $6 million dollars to restore Federal funding to this inspirational and life-changing program. (Federal funding existed under the Gillard government but was discontinued by the Abbot, Turnbull and Morrison governments.)   (more…)

Newsletter 58 – Lazy days

Garden_in_summerChristmas was fun especially with a three year old in the house for Christmas Eve sleepover. And she did sleep. Her aunt and I were eager to see her reactions to discovering the carrots had disappeared and to see her bulging stocking but she refused to wake up. We finally prodded her awake at 7.45! My memories of my own childhood Christmases were of waking about 4am, hunting through stockings (more often a pillow case) conveniently found at the end of the bed, and dropping back to sleep. But she finally got into it and loved the unwrapping as much as the gifts.